We provide wide range of accounting and financial services including bookkeepingVAT return preparation, financial controllingprofit and loss calculationscash flow planning, and some other related services. If you need accounting advisory or tax advisory, we are ready to help you. All our team members are highly qualified and registered chartered accountants, tax advisors and fluent English speakers. Our services are mainly focused on small and medium size, Hungarian or foreigner-owned enterprises, who needs to use English as common language. We have experience in the service provider sector of the market in the most. Our experts are specialized in a wild range of service provider sector, like IT services, data processing, engineering, event organization, learning & development, large scale of advisory services. However, we are happy to serve those companies that trade in goods and manufacturing.


Full range of accounting services

From the beginning you need to engage an accountant who sends the first reports to the authorities once your company is formed, leading your books continually, prepares and finalizes all necessary returns and reports to the Tax Authority, and finally, the bookkeeper submits  the annual report.

All our packages include the following services:

AP / AR booking / other

  • Booking incoming (supplier) and outgoing (client) invoices
  • Pairing each invoice with bank account item
  • Petty cash transaction records (not leading, but registering PC transactions)
  • Invoice processing for cost-center based bookkeeping if needed
  • E-invoices are welcome, we are fully prepared for providing contactless services and receiving e-invoices from our Clients

 Registering bank account statements

  • Booking incoming or outgoing bank transactions
  • Pairing all transactions to invoices

 VAT compliance (record and return preparation)

  • Calculating the payable or reclaimable VAT by the 20th of each month or quarter for the previous period
  • Sending the calculation to Client for confirmation before sending the VAT report to the authorities
  • Submitting VAT reports to authorities electronically

Representation of company in front of Tax or Local Authorities

  • Representing the company in front of Authority at routine, compliance or overall inspections, in case of data inspections.

 Consultation hours

– Chief accountant consultation included in our all packages (based on monthly hours)

Accounting advisory

We are happy to help you in various accounting matters, should you need any help making your accounting policy up-to-date, or you may face a new transaction in your business, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to share our knowledge and suggestions regarding to the concerning part of the Hungarian Act and help you to interpret and understand the rules.
Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote today.

Tax advisory

Tax rules in Hungary change more often than taxpayers would love, often new rules are really difficult to understand when you have to focus on your business. Do not you align with them? Never mind, contact us today and let us help you to interpret and understand the rules. We have up-to-date information about the latest changes and experience how to use them optimally. Should you want to pay the optimal and only the necessary taxes, or want to start a new activity/business? Our tax advisors are happy to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote today.

Business consultancy and solutions

Company formation, company modification, virtual office and mail forwarding services, simplified voluntary liquidation

In Europe Hungary has the lowest corporate income tax rate 9%, so if you wish to start a new business in the European Community, Hungary is the best choice. Next to this, Hungary is one of the safest place in the continent, the capital Budapest is gorgeous, easy to live, because of the low cost of living, and high quality of services.

We provide comprehensive business solution from the point you decided to form a company and start a business, through planning your company and taxation structure, providing bookkeeping services and other additional services like virtual office or interim managing director services.

 Should you wish to close your company, we help you do it orderly with voluntary liquidation with our full process managing services.

Company formation services


  • Company foundation (personally or electronically by authentication)
  • Registration duties (to be paid to the Registry Court)
  • Local and EU VAT registration number
  • Assistance to opening bank accounts
  • Documentation in both English and Hungarian languages
  • Tax identification number and social security number for the Managing Director
  • Mandatory chamber registration (1st year membership fee is gratis)
  • Premium services are also available for additional fee (assistance with opening the client gate to the Managing Director, company extract in English, registered address + mail forwarding services for 1 year, which may be extended upon request)

Company modification services

Assistance in any legal issues what needs company modification: changing the registered address, registering the statutory auditor of the company, changing the owners of the company, changes in the person of Managing Director…etc.

Virtual office and mail forwarding services

– Registered address in the beautiful and elite 16th district of Budapest (garden city)

– Mailing services by scanning all letters and sending to the client via email with a short English translation (in case of Hungarian letters)

– Premium services are also available for additional fee (forwarding important letters and documents by regular post to a given address provided by client, sending letters by international courier to the client maximum 3 times a year, official stamp for the company, 1 pc)

Simplified voluntary liquidation

If you decided to close your business and terminate your company, there is a legal and accountancy process called liquidation what have to be run to close orderly your company. As the company formation is a regular action for a business, company liquidation should be as regular as well. For most of the accountants, liquidation is a frightening and unfamiliar field of the profession.
We have good news for you, this is not the case for ProacTeam Hungary. We have gained a huge amount of experience in doing simplified voluntary liquidations, so we are ready to help you with this service as well.
Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote today.

Interim chief accountant, relocation

Your current chief accountant or senior accountant is just quitted, or going to go on maternity leave soon? You do not know yet how to continue the life of your Finance team? You do not want to hire a new employee, or just want an expert who can lead the team during your chief accountant is away on the maternity leave? You want someone who has big professional experience in leading a team and want to have your team and books in good hands? ProacTeam has prompt solution for you, we lend you our chief accountant temporary and for the needed period and frequency. If you need an expert to look after your books and your team, to ensure the seamless transition. Part-time relocation also available on hourly rates based. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote today.

Interim managing director, relocation

We provide interim managing director services for our VIP clients. If you formed a company with our help and need an advanced director to make considered decisions in your Hungarian operation (bank account opening, signing contracts, leading negotiations with local service providers, representing the company in the most important cases), do not hesitate to contact us.